Credit Cards

Features and Benefits of Credit Cards

A credit card is a fantastic tool to support and help with managing your spends, tackle any emergency costs, get on top of your debt, or build your credit score. Titan Financial Brokers will be right by your side to guide you to the right credit card based on your needs.

Below are some of the standard features available with our credit card partners:

Credit Card Balance Transfer

Do you already have a credit card where you are paying interest on an existing outstanding balance? If so you can move the balance of this card to one of our 0% balance transfer credit card options, This can save you a lot of money on the interest repayments for a fixed period of time.

Get Rewards and Cashback on Your Spends

Get the most from your spends, be it fuel for your car or your weekly groceries. There are fantastic products available that will allow you to build up reward points, air miles or earn cashback based on your monthly spends.

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