What is Titan Financial Brokers role in the mortgage process?

When you are dealing with Titan Financial Brokers our role is to deliver the best and most suitable solution for you, by this we don’t mean the best product of today, but also the best product of tomorrow to ensure and protect you for the entire term of your mortgage.

With our experience and understanding of the UAE mortgage market and access to every single lender and mortgage product in the market, our job is to get you the best deal and walk you through the entire process from start to finish, inclusive of product recommendations, explaining the process, form filling, liaising with banks and the real estate agent, right the way up to you receiving the key to your new property.

We constantly keep you informed and addressing your every query, protecting your interests at all stages.

As we aren’t a bank we don’t have any bias or limitations in terms of meeting your requirements. Our job is to present you with the solution and guidance to suits your needs, opposed to selling you the product we have.

We give you peace of mind, knowing that our only interest is protecting and delivering on your best interests.

Titan Financial Brokers are here to provide solutions, assistance, consultation and guidance, we don’t sell.

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