Non Resident


What is Non Resident property finance?

Non resident home finance is the solution for anybody who wishes to purchase property in the UAE that does not reside in the UAE.

Why should you invest in UAE real estate property?

The UAE is a hotspot for overseas residents investing into our real estate market as one of the global leading locations for residential and commercial rental yields, one of the many reasons that attracts investment in the UAE from all over the globe.

How do Non Resident Mortgages work?

UAE non residents looking to purchase here in the emirates are able to borrow up to 50% of the property value in line with the UAE central banks loan to value limits. There are an array of products with varying processes for financing a home purchase as a non resident with both Islamic and conventional options are your disposal, as well a choice of fixed and variable rates.

Please get in touch so that our advisors can discuss the criteria, process and products with you in greater detail. We will guide you through the process and the products from start to finish with convenient solutions and thorough support ensuring you have the service and information you need to make the process as simple and hassle free as possible.

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